Governance & Quality Assurance

Our Governance, quality, and digital platform is approved by MFHEA. Our Board, advisory board and faculty members help us to execute and uphold these policies.

Quality Assurance HandBook

Our Institution is governed by the appended MFHEA approved quality HandBook

Board Members

Dr. Gabriel Rusu
PhD, Chinease Medicine, European Polytechnical University II Chairman, Venlo Limited
Dr. Kanika Gupta
Head of Academics
PhD, Finance, Banasthali University II Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Med. Frank Thomas Zerm
Hon. Advisory Board Member
Alumus of IIM, India. Author of The Billion Minds, Co-founder of various start-ups in EdTech Sector, Highly proficient Sales Person
Prof. Jan Graevenstein
Hon. Advisory Board Member
PhDc, Human Resources and Leadership CEO, SH Computersysteme GmbH
Prof. Dr. Martin Kunst
Hon. Advisory Board Member
Doctor of Business Administration, Hybrid Electric Vehicles Director, LKQ Europe, Switzerland
Prof. Atil Ural
Hon. Advisory Board Member
Präsident des Verwaltungsrates CEO, U&W Investment Holding GmbH CEO, Business factors Deutschland GmbH CEO, LeadCon Leaders Contact International GmbH Awards, Europäischer Wirtschaftssenat e.V. (EWS), Wirtschaftssenator
Dr. Himanshu Choudhary
Hon. Advisory Board Member
PhD in Finance, CPAc, Quantitative and Data Analytics Expert
Dr. Mohammad Knio
Hon. Advisory Board Member
Awarded Research Head, PhD, Economics, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK II Master of Business Administration, University of Wales, UK

Meet Our Faculty

Our Faculty are our strength who executes our governance and interacts with the students to mentor them