29 April

PhD Green Energetics

PhDGreen Energetics Advance your education to achieve the prestigious “Dr” title by delving into the expansive realm of energy, encompassing modern energy technology, renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency. Unlock a wealth of knowledge in these critical areas to propel …

15 September

Study Abroad

Professors’ driven admission board Study Abroad We just not help with admissions, rather we create careers! Why Choose Us? We boost your Global Employability Why Choose Us? We are a Professor led organisation who works with you to mentor you …

30 April

Doctorate of Business Administration

DoctorateBusiness Administration Be Proficient in high-level management roles, entrepreneurship, and impactful contributions to business theory and practice. Develop research competencies and provide assurance of learning to your practice. Enquire Apply Now Batch Start: 1st of every month Fee: €2499 per …