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We are eliminating the skills gap & empowering future professionals

Founded by Professors, a team of educationist who taught in several countries, and 40+ nationalities and served as quality control specialist for both online and on-campus programs, and managed AACSB level programs.

Our team comprises of Professors, and industry experts who speak 7+ languages, and guide students for study and employment in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, France and many more.

We upskill learners as well as collaborate with universities and employers for capacity building!

Quality Education
Boost Global Employability

Program fee includes following components

Free Generative AI Course

All our learners will be provides a Free Course on Applied Generative AI for Digital Transformation by European Global Varsity with verifiable EU Certificate.

Incubation & Research Residency

All our learners will be provided an inclusive access to our research & entrepreneurship residencies that help them to research, publish, innovate and incubate.

Invitation to EU Job Fair

All our learners will be provided an opportunity to attend job fair in the EU. Anyone who will not be able to travel, will have virtual networking events with prospective employers.

Lifelong Upskilling

All our engaged learners get free access to lifelong learning Lab where new skills are updated every month. The lab teaches both technical and soft skills, making our degrees a lifelong degree.

Only Skills can make you employable
Be Career Ready

Start preparing your portfolio from Day 1 and keep adding all your projects and master thesis so you have immense profile booster to impress your hiring manager!

More than 200 employers worldwide are our partners
80X Impact on your employability

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Virtual Internship Project (VIP)
Experiential Learning

Your portfolio and skills can be your best asset to show to your employer!

Unique Hands on Experience

Prepare your own portfolio to show prospective employer such as Github, or Tableau dashboard, or publish your paper working under 1:1 supervision.

Publication of Portfolio of Projects

Develop your skills with project based learning and earn a Digital Competency Certificate from ESDST, Switzerland.

Reference letter and Certificate

Get a personalised reference letter from your industry mentor and a certificate from European Global Varsity besides a recognised degree from the University!

Develop yourself holistically
Our Add-ons

Develop yourself holistically

Research Residencies
Conferences & Publications

We provide platform for not only learning research, but presenting in global conferences and publications in reputed Journals!

Global Conferences

Present your research amongst reputed global researchers, editors, scholars and get an opportunity to publish your research in ISSN listed conference proceedings!


We take proud in mentioning that our faculty are amongst editorial team members of many reputed journals and there are more than 17 ABDC, Scopus and Web of Science indexed journals collaborated with our conference.

Networking and Certificate

Besides learning, you get an immense opportunity to work collaboratively with our Professors to co-author papers and improve your outcomes from your doctoral research.

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Submit scan of last degree & transcript copy, photograph and passport. No English language Certificate required if studied in English language before

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Post evaluating your documents, admissions office will send you the conditional offer letter with payment details.

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Pay the fees

Payment of fees implies acceptance of offer letter. You generally have 7 working days to pay the fees. If you want fee loan or instalment payment, please consult our team

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Receive induction documents on 1st of study start month

All induction documents will be shared on 1st of the month you are starting studies. This will be followed by live induction session

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